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For Faculty and Staff

About Mentoring for All

The Mentoring for All committee launched during Winter Quarter 2021 as one of the key elements of our university's initiative to erase opportunity gaps via a Collective Impact framework. The committee is dedicated to ensuring that every UC San Diego student who wants a mentor has access to a mentor.

The Mentoring for All initiative will:

  • Enhance and elevate the visibility of existing mentor programs on our campus;
  • Implement inclusive and student-centered training programs for both mentors and mentees; and
  • Engage our alumni, donors, staff and faculty in supporting the success of our students through the demonstrated best practice of mentoring.

Our Strategic Plan

Mentoring for All’s Strategic Plan was created in 2021 to guide the University's mentoring efforts, build upon our strengths, and transform the student experience.  

Our five primary objectives, as outlined in our strategic plan, are:

  1. Serve as the leader for mentoring opportunities to connect students to the UC San Diego community from their first year through graduation and beyond.
  2. Foster a collaborative culture with strategic partners across campus to create unique and intentional mentoring opportunities for all UC San Diego students.
  3. Develop a robust communications and marketing plan to expand awareness and increase engagement with the Mentor for All initiative and other existing mentoring programs across UC San Diego.
  4. Develop a central hub for the Mentor for All initiative to serve as the bridge for mentees, mentors, and the mentoring programs across UC San Diego.
  5. Establish support for mentors to encourage participation and create a pipeline for future mentors, improving the overall experience for both mentors and mentees.

Call for Events and Mini-Grant Applications

Throughout January, Mentoring for All will be celebrating National Mentoring Month. All programs and departments participating in National Mentoring Month are encouraged to submit their event and to apply for a Mini-Grant Application.

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